Lillias Fraser
Hélia Correia

  • Portuguese P.E.N. Club Prize for Fiction.
  • D. Dinis Award (Portugal).

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Pages: 292

Size: 135 x 207 x 14 mm

ISBN: 9789727086382

    Lillias is a Scottish girl that came from a clan decimated in the Culloden battle during the fights with the Englishmen.

    While fleeing from the threat in her home town, she ends up reaching Lisbon where she takes shelter as an illegal immigrant; firstly being hosted in a monastery, and afterwards with a local family.

    When a catastrophic earthquake hits Lisbon, Lillias is forced once again to flee and moves to the surroundings of the capital. But the stream of events following that episode leads her back to her past, when she eventually meets by surprise the commander of the English troops in Culloden.

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