Fantasy for two Colonels and a pool View larger

Fantasy for two Colonels and a pool
Mário de Carvalho

  • Portuguese P.E.N. Club Prize for Fiction ITF
  • DST Literature Grand Prize

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Pages: 240

Size: 142 x 210 x 20 mm

ISBN: 9789720047151

    Two colonels discuss the westerner European country at the edge of a pool, and where no topic is out of borders they bring up their participation in the colonial wars and how they fought for a grand Portugal that now, in the XXI century, seems doomed to its ridiculous provincialism. As they speak, a series of characters will show up to prove the absurdity and little lives of these Portuguese people: the misogynous uncle who gives wise advice to his nephew; the lead popular singer Soraia Marina who's fundamental to the country's designs; or the football supporters group who moves around Portugal as a quadruped organism.

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