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Magenta Room
Mário de Carvalho

Fernando Namora Prize (Portugal)

Vergílio Ferreira Prize (Portugal)

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Pages: 184

Size: 142 x 210 x 16 mm

ISBN: 9789720044990

    Passion, luxury and eroticism. Anger, cruelty and freezing. Two times.

    The present, in a house in the forest near Moura pond, where Gustavo Miguel Dias, a film maker at the end of career, licking his wounds and reminiscing about glorious times, feels sorrow.

    The petulant past in the capital. The parties. The alcohol. The hotel rooms.

    The endless list of women and lovers. And that magenta room, of a certain Maria Alfreda, happiness antechamber, carpeted comfort, perverse game between disdain, appeasement and the threat.

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