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Hats with Stories
Rita Vilela

  • Illustrated by Carla Nazareth

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Pages: 64

Size: 194 x 264 x 8 mm

ISBN: 978-989-8839-91-6

    The power and magic of a good story help a businessman to save his hat shop.
    Welcome to this very special hat shop!
    The storefront and the shelves of the Downtow's Hat Shop are full of hats. In John's shop there are bowler hats, umbrellas, caps, big and small hats for all tastes. But what makes these hats so special are the stories they have to tell us. Adventures, trips and memories that, day after day, by the voice of John bring more customers to the shop.
    Would you like to know what a hat's brim can hide?
    So sit confortably and choose your hat.
    The stories are magical and you will love them!

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