Mopsos, the little greek: The Delfos Gold View larger

Mopsos, the little greek: The Delfos' Gold
Hélia Correia

  • Illustrated by Henrique Cayatte
  • Recommended by the Portuguese National Reading Plan.

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Pages: 140

Size: 135 x 210 x 10 mm

ISBN: 9789727088188

    The Delfos Gold is the first volume of a collection of books inspired in the ancient Greece literary tradition and it's mythological characters, intended for young readers and those interested in new fictional universes which recovers this heritage. Mopsos, who comes from a family of fortune tellers, decides to go on his first trip from his birthplace, Tebas, when he is only 8 years old. Accompanied by his blind grandfather Tiresias, the most important of all Greek fortune tellers, they eventually reach the Apolo sanctuary in Delfos where an unpredicted adventure will challenge young Mopsos' maturity.

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