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Great mind (Mental training)
Margarida Fonseca Santos

  • Illustrated by Joana Jesus 

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Pages: 162

Size: 209 x 238 x 14 mm

ISBN: 9789896793616

    This book is the result of several years working with children and young people, musicians (my training background) and gymnasts, as well as adults who want to improve public presentations or their well-being, coping with stress and fear. From this work, the need to systematize the techniques, the clues, the “tricks” was born. I started from the study of the works of Terry Orlick, Daniel Goleman, Fátima Perloiro, Luís Miguel Neto, Helena Marujo, António Damásio, Jahiro Mancilla and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

    I hope this helps you to better understand how our unconscious teams up with our goals and takes us to a safe place. To me, writing it was a pleasure, revisiting many success and growth stories.


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