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Galo Gordo - The world is round
Inês Pupo

  • Poem by Inês Pupo
  • Music by Gonçalo Pratas
  • Illustrated by Cristina Sampaio
  • Recommended by the Portuguese National Reading Plan.

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Pages: 32

Size: 225 x 277 x 9 mm

ISBN: 9789720724823

    Galo Gordo has helped us find out the music in our everyday life, the music that fills our growth with joy – children’s growth but also ours. All of us.
    In this new book and CD, we’re inspired by the best things in life, which are available if we look for them. Friends. A train ride. The freshness of taking a bath. That unforgettable moment when we learn to write our name.
    Night and day. The sky full of stars and planets… Other worlds?
    We hope this book can help those who read and hear it to not give up on the best things in life. They are out there. And they are so easy to find…
    Because the world really is round!

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