Galo Gordo – Poems and songs all year long View larger

Galo Gordo – Poems and songs all year long
Inês Pupo

  • Poem by Inês Pupo
  • Music by Gonçalo Pratas
  • Illustrated by Cristina Sampaio
  • Recommended by the Portuguese National Reading Plan.

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Pages: 48

Size: 224 x 274 x 10 mm

ISBN: 9789720724816

    Poetry lives of words and the games we can play with them. It lives of the sounds of words.
    Music lives inside the poems, naturally, and connects those who hears it and sings it with everything those poems talk about.
    Music plays with the poems: it emphasizes their rhythm, gives them a tune, wraps them up in a harmony, fills them with affective notes and makes them come into our lives.
    We wanted to write a book that talked about what we learn at school, about the days that make children’s and our lives.
    A book that can accompany children, parents, gradparents, families and teachers throughout the year.

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