De Nome, Esperança View larger

Esperança (Hope), just a name
Margarida Fonseca Santos

Pages: 172

Size: 154 x 229 x 12 mm

ISBN: 9789895555635

    There are several voices, threads of many stories connected to just one name: Esperança (Hope). A quiet and intelligent woman, Esperança is a person lost between what she writes and what she sees of reality, what she has lived and what she has desired. Carlos is a psychiatric trainee nurse who decides, as soon as he meets her, to do everything he can to help her get back to a normal life, facing a profound unrest in each step: in the heart of insanity, is there room for normality left? The answer may be just that the mind is a strange place. Entering its domains is like running through an internal maze with, at best, restricted access. In a book where several voices and periods of time cross each other in a tangle of expectations, thoughts and illusions, we follow Esperança’s path, to whom hope only exists in her name.


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