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Bicycle in the rain
Margarida Fonseca Santos

  • Recommended by the Portuguese National Reading Plan
  • Illustrated by Danuta Wojciechowska

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Pages: 128

Size: 131 x 198 x 6 mm

ISBN: 9789896683290

    Jaime carries an enormous secret: a group of bullies, the Alcaides, have a hold on his life in many ways, leaving his body and mind with bruises that are hard to erase.

    Valdomiro, the leader of the Alcaides, fights to, in some way, be important in a complicated neighbourhood.

    One day, in front of the bus stop, Jaime sees an old bicycle leaning against a stone wall, and draws it. A little rain is falling, but the bicycle’s owner, Joaquim, is not bothered with it, and takes an interest in the drawer.

    And so, a friendship that can revolutionize Jaime’s and many others’ lives is born.

    Do you want to know how it happened? Then, come with us!



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