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Rita Vilela

A creative and talented storyteller capable of captivating children, young people and adults. A psychologist who writes books that facilitate learning and change processes

'A writer who made me believe that reading a good book is the best hobby you can have' (Gonçalo Leandro - 15 years old)

With a degree in Psychology, Rita Vilela has developed her professional career in the training area. She currently combines this work with the practice of therapy, writing, and other activities linked to words... and people.

Rita discovered her passion for writing later then usual, but after starting she never stopped. Having published her first book in 2008, currently she has over then 50 books published in Portugal.

Promoting the pleasure of reading, facilitating learning processes and leaving seeds of change are very present objectives in her writing.

She is the author of the fantasy and adventure collections 'The 7 colors of Oniris', 'The Merlin's Descendants' and 'The Andósia Heroes', which have captivated for reading even young adults who didn't use to read.

Her children's books delight kids and are essential tools used by parents and educators to work on important themes such as affections, self-esteem, fears, lies, tantrums, environmental issues, money management, food hygiene and safety, allergies, among others.

In partnership with two consecrated authors, Margarida Fonseca Santos and Maria Teresa Maia Gonzales, she wrote books of fables and metaphors that support changes in young people and adults.

In 2013, her work finally crossed borders and currently she has ten internationalized titles.

Site: http://ritavilela.com/

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