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Megaodd 5 - Don't judge a profile by its likes
Álvaro Magalhães

  • Text by Álvaro Magalhães,
  • Illustrated by Carlos J. Campos.

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Pages: 192

Size: 152 x 212 x 19 mm

ISBN: 9789720727855

    More fun stories of Fred the Megaodd.
    This time he helps his sister to become viral on Facebook, tastes for a few hours the life of a child millionaire, settles the score with Jesus Christ, who shares his birthday and ruins his life since birth, and knows the prettiest girl in town who pushes him into a dangerous police adventure: the case of the woman buried in the yard. And he just wanted to live a normal life with no fuss...

    But this is no easy task for a Megaodd, is it?

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