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Picasso & Van Gogh 3 - Oh, no! Christmas again!
Álvaro Magalhães

  • Text by Álvaro Magalhães,
  • Illustrated by Carlos J. Campos.

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Pages: 48

Size: 209 x 158 x 12 mm

ISBN: 9789720727442

    Picasso & Van Gogh, a cat and a dog, live in a painter’s house and get along well. Van Gogh is a naive dog and Picasso is a fat, lazy cat that dreams of a quiet life without a yesterday or tomorrow. That would be possible if there were not so many ‘Two Paws’ (we humans) in the world. Unfortunately, there are.
    Everyone likes Christmas, except Picasso. Here comes Baby Jesus, who seems to be always scolding him; Christmas Ghost, which is a great annoyance, and also ‘Three-Paw’ (Sophia's mother) his number one enemy. Even worse, every year they replace his beloved cushion for a new one that he knows from nowhere.

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