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Inês Pupo

A new voice who stands out in poetry and literature.

Inês Pupo was born in Lisbon. She is a writer, a psychologist and a psychotherapist. She has worked in children’s and youth literature, translation and reading promotion. She is the author of several books and projects aimed for children, such as the book with CD Buscapólos Trocadilhar – songs for José Jorge Letria’s poems (Publicações D. Quixote, 2010), the Galo Gordo project (Porto Editora, 2015) and A Casa Sincronizada, with music by Gonçalo Pratas and illustrations by Pedro Brito, that received the SPA/RTP Award for Best Children’s and Youth Book in 2012 (Editorial Caminho, 2012). Her books are referenced by Plano Nacional da Leitura and Casa da Leitura – Fundação Gulbenkian.

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