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Rosa Lobato de Faria

The Historic, the Marvellous, and the Romantic mingles together to create easy-reading literature with a feminine touch.

Rosa Lobato de Faria (1932 – 2010, Lisboa) is represented in several short stories book's collections in Portugal and abroad, having become notorious amongst the Portuguese public as a songwriter, screenwriter and for her acting roles for television and cinema. The author has about 30 works published in the several genres: novel, short stories, poetry, children literature and playwriting, and her writing style stands out for giving predominance to the marvellous, the fantastic and the emotive themes. The author was translated into Spanish, French and German, and is already part of prestigious publisher's catalogues such as Éditions Métailié.

An obligatory reference of the new Portuguese fiction, Rosa Lobato de Faria won the Máxima Literary Prize, awarded to the most relevant works by women writers who proved to be an asset and enriching factor for the national culture. Faria's legitimation within the literature universe of Portuguese writers would lead her to the education field, where she was a university professor and taught Poetry.

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