Jaime Rocha 

Jaime Rocha

An award winning playwright, always looking at the future.

Jaime Rocha (1949, Nazaré, Portugal) is the playwright pseudonym of Rui Ferreira e Sousa, a cultural journalist, poet and dramatist with award winning work. He has studied at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, but since very early age that he has been living in exile in Paris. The author would return definitely to Portugal in 1975, when the dictatorship in the country ended.

A journalist for three decades, Jaime Rocha produces regular work in collaboration with some of the greatest contemporary Portuguese writers, such as Hélia Correia (who won in 2015 the main literature prize of Portuguese speaking countries – the Camões Prize). And it is with his playwriting that he became particularly well know, having won the Portuguese Association of Writers' Grand Prize of Theater, the Atlantic Axis Prize of Dramatic Texts, and the Grand Prize of Portuguese Theater.

Jaime Rocha has about twenty published books, the most of them was already put on stage.

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