Our Authors 


  • Álvaro Magalhães

    Fun & daring. For angry kids, creative kids, and everyone else who thinks no one can possibly understand their souls.

    Álvaro Magalhães (1951, Porto) is particularly well known in Portugal for the youth book series The Jay Triangle, which has reached a million readers and been adapted for the Portuguese public television RTP in 2012. With a 30 years...

  • Cristina Carvalho

    Surprising literature with a taste of magic realism. Cristina Carvalho far exceeds all expectations.

  • Fernando Dacosta

    An award winner writer focusing on the migrations issues in Portugal and abroad.

    Fernando Dacosta (1945, Tentativa, Luanda – Angola) is a respected Portuguese writer with extensive work in fiction writing, playwriting, and journalism. The beginning of his career as a reporter of Europa Presse allowed him to move inside the political atmosphere of the...

  • Gonçalo Pratas

    A musician who risks filling the books of music.

    Gonçalo Pratas was born in Aveiras de Cima. He is a musician. He has worked in education. As a theater and cinema composer, he has worked with José Carretas, Companhia Teatral do Chiado, José Carlos Garcia – Chapitô e João Pupo, among others. He is the author, director and musical producer of several records, books and...

  • Hélia Correia

    A global literary sensibility. With acute historical and cultural awareness. Carries the ancient Greece tradition with her.

    Hélia Correia (1949, Lisboa), a graduate in Romanic Philology, is the 2015 winner of the most important prize of the Portuguese language literature, the Camões Prize. Correia is considered a reference of the modern Portuguese...

  • Inês Botelho

    A surprising early career and the certainty of what is to come.

    Inês Botelho (1986, Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal) is one of the promising young authors of the contemporary Portuguese fiction. She has been publishing since she was 16 years old, at the moment her book trilogy of the epic fantasy genre entered the market. Alongside her intense writing...

  • Inês Pupo

    A new voice who stands out in poetry and literature.

    Inês Pupo was born in Lisbon. She is a writer, a psychologist and a psychotherapist. She has worked in children’s and youth literature, translation and reading promotion. She is the author of several books and projects aimed for children, such as the book with CD Buscapólos Trocadilhar – songs for José Jorge...

  • Jaime Rocha

    An award winning playwright, always looking at the future.

    Jaime Rocha (1949, Nazaré, Portugal) is the playwright pseudonym of Rui Ferreira e Sousa, a cultural journalist, poet and dramatist with award winning work. He has studied at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, but since very early age that he has been living in exile in Paris....

  • José Jorge Letria

    200 books + 40-year career + extensive collaborations with promising new illustrators.

    José Jorge Letria (1951, Cascais), a prolific author with more than 200 books and 40 years of literary activity, is better known for his poetry and vast children and youth books writing production. The author has books translated into more than a dozen languages and...

  • Júlio Machado Vaz

    A scholar and communicator of Sexualities and Sex themes.

    Júlio Machado Vaz (1949, Porto), a psychiatrist and recognized scholar from the sexology field, is a well known Portuguese author of a dozen sexual education books. He became particularly famous for his participation and public debates on the radio, television and the newspapers, where he defends...

  • Leonor Xavier

    A key travel writer that reflects on the Portuguese influence in Brazil and the Middle East.

    A journalist and novelist, Leonor Xavier (1943, Lisboa) started her writing career in Brazil, having published non-fiction books that reflect on the diaspora movement from Portugal to Brazil as well as in the socio-political realities in both countries. The...

  • Luísa Ducla Soares

    Pedagogy combined with the pleasures of early reading.

    Luísa Ducla Soares (1939, Lisboa), a graduate of Germanic Philology, is one of the head figures of the Portuguese children's books literature, having now more than a hundred published titles. Her books usually get re-printed in numerous editions and are translated in several languages, with the...

  • Margarida Fonseca Santos

    One passion: make people smile and think

    Margarida Fonseca Santos was born in Lisbon. She began writing over twenty years ago and has about one hundred works published, most of them for children.

    With a great part of her works included in the Portuguese National Reading Plan, writing (also...

  • Manuel António Pina

    A poet for children. A rich imagination that addresses big themes with nonsense and word play. A writer who believes that having fun is the most serious thing in life. The interpreter of Portuguese sensibility in poetry and image.

    Manuel António Pina (1943-2013, Sabugal) was one of the few Portuguese writers to win the most important distinction within...

  • Maria Alberta Menéres

    One of the most productive and talented Portuguese children's books writers, with vast work through children's literature, poetry, novel and essay.

    Maria Alberta Menéres (1930, Vila Nova de Gaia) was a Portuguese and History teacher. Has a large poetic work, represented in many anthologies.

    Menéres is the author of several TV children's...

  • Maria Inês Almeida

    A master in the art of writing from the heart.

    Graduated in journalism, mother of a young boy (José) born in 2008 who has given her loads of inspiration. Dedicates most of her time to writing. In 2005 has been awarded with the Revelation Prize by the Portuguese Jounalists Club.

    Maria Inês Almeida has published dozens of books, most of...

  • Mário de Carvalho

    Short fiction mastery with a dash of magic realism. Some call him the Portuguese Jorge Luis Borges. Magic realism meets children literature. By the Portuguese Borges.

    Mário de Carvalho (1944, Lisboa) is, most probably, the best living short story writer of the Portuguese language. A graduate in Law, the author had an intense political activity before...

  • Mário Zambujal

    Fun & Wit in action-paced novels

    Mário Zambujal (Moura, 1936) made a name for himself as the writer of the narrative books that contributed to the vanguard of the New Portuguese Cinema, a recognition that lead him to win, in 1984, the formal distinction of the Infante D. Henrique Order, for his “enriching contributions to the Portuguese culture”. His...

  • Rosa Lobato de Faria

    The Historic, the Marvellous, and the Romantic mingles together to create easy-reading literature with a feminine touch.

    Rosa Lobato de Faria (1932 – 2010, Lisboa) is represented in several short stories book's collections in Portugal and abroad, having become notorious amongst the Portuguese public as a songwriter, screenwriter and for her acting roles...

  • Rita Vilela

    A creative and talented storyteller capable of captivating children, young people and adults. A psychologist who writes books that facilitate learning and change processes

    'A writer who made me believe that reading a good book is the best hobby...