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Clandestine passenger
Leonor Xavier

  •  2016 Frei Bernardo Domingues Literary Prize (Portugal)

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Pages: 200

Size: 150 x 235 mm

ISBN: 9789896443207

    The writer, the woman and the everyday human who finds herself being the carrier of a clandestine disease: cancer. In an honest and inspiring way, full of beautiful passages of literary merit and sensibility, Leonor Xavier tells her personal history of fight against a colon cancer. If anything happened in her perception of life and death, it happened after an intense search for not forgetting and for finding hints on how to give value to her present precarious life. And by the end, as surprising as it may seem, she will feel at peace and greater harmony no matter what happens. Cancer turned out as a win-win situation to Leonor Xavier, and above all a journey of self-discovery.

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