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Abel Neves 

Abel Neves

A Portuguese playwright with global recognition.

With extensive work made in the fields of poetry, novel and particularly playwriting, Abel Neves (1956, Montalegre – Portugal) is one of the most recognized Portuguese playwrights, with plays translated into ten languages and already put on stage in several cities of Portugal, Spain, Brazil, France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Abel Neves won the luso-brazilian Prize of Drama António José da Silva, he is represented in critic anthologies of European theatre and was a long-time collaborator of a national collective of theatre investigations, the Comuna. The author is also an educator, having oriented ateliers of writing for stage.

According to specialists, it is in the “almost obsessive presence of the word that the theatrical discourse [of Abel Neves] is transformed into body and life”, with the acute sense of rhythm, cadence and the musicality of poetry strongly defining his texts.

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